• You will need...


    - Pencil

    - Paper

    - Headphones


    First, click on the link below to go to StudyJams.

    Go through the STEP BY STEP part first. Click on HOME, WATCHOUT, and TRY IT.

    Try the two problems out on a sheet of paper and click the right answer.

    After the STEP BY STEP, click out of it and click on TEST YOURSELF.

    Work the problems out on a sheet of paper.




    Next, go to IXL and practice until your session is up. Practice these problems on sheet of paper. Write your SMARTSCORE in the top right hand corner of your paper.




    STOP! Show Ms. Glahn your paper BEFORE you go on to games!!


    When you finish your work, you may choose one of the following review games.


    Decimal Cruncher

    Decimal Football

    Kahn Academy

    Decimal Ducks 

    Decimal Shootout