Single Digit Division

  • You will need...


    - Pencil

    - Paper

    - Headphones


    First, click on the link below to go to StudyJams.

    Go through the STEP BY STEP part first. Click on HOMEWATCHOUT, and TRY IT.

    Try the two problems out on a sheet of paper and click the right answer.

    After the STEP BY STEP, click out of it and click on TEST YOURSELF.

    Work the problems out on a sheet of paper.




    When you are finished, practice these problems in IXL.



    When you have finished, I want to see your SMART SCORE. Then you may go on to these games and practice problems!

    Khan Academy

    Drag and Drop Math -must click division, one digit into two, three or four

    Snork's Long Division

    Math Journey