•  Reading

    -Concepts of Print (front of the book, back of the book, title page, find a letter, word, sentence, punctuation, left to right directionality, etc)

    -Letters (identification and sound)

    -Rhyming and Syllables

    -begin reading high frequency words

    -characters and setting of story

    -job of the author/illustrator


    -Write Name (capital at the beginning & the rest lowercase)

    -illustrate a story with a character and 5 details

    -proper letter formation

    -unscramble and copy 3-4 word sentences

    -compose personal narrative piece (writes/draws about something I have done)


    -number sense to 5 (identification, counts a set, writes number, compares sets)

    -count to 25

    -identify and name shapes (circle, square, rectangle, triangle, hexagon)


    -Properties of Objects (color, shape, size, magnetism, sink/float, flexibility, texture)

    -Seasonal change/Fall


    Social Studies

    -Citizenship (self-esteem, friendships, rules and procedures)

    -Fire Safety