• Students will earn points for:
    • Teamwork
    • Using Kind Words
    • Parent Initials
    • Persistence
    • Being On Task
    • Helping Others
    • Listening to Adults
    • Quick, Quiet Transitions
    • Working Hard
    Students will lose points for:
    • Talking Out of Turn
    • Inappropriate Language
    • Being Off Task
    • Difficulty Following Directions
    • Being Unkind to Others
    Fifth graders will aim to earn 10 points in one week in order to receive a prize.  If students earn 40 points by August 26th, they will get to participate in the PBIS party. If they earn 80 points by the end of First Quarter, they will get to participate in another PBIS party. Fifth graders must also earn Dojo points in order to attend the Washington, D.C. trip in September. Students must maintain an average of 10 points per week to be eligible for the field trip.