PK Donation List

  • We do not have a required supply list as the PK program tries to supply as much for your child as possible. With that said there are things they do not provide or that we run out of; please see below.


    Just for your child:

    1 - Book bag large enough for a binder

    1 - 1/2 inch 3 ring binder with the clear cover (for parent- teacher communication and homework)

    1 - folder with pockets and 3 holes (to go in the binder)

    1 - see-through zippered pencil holder (to go in the binder)

    1-  cash for a field trip t-shirt (I will let you know the price at orientation)

    1- Small blanket

    1- Small soft toy (rest buddy)

    1- Small pillow


    To share with the class:


    Washable Markers

    Glue Sticks

    Quart Zipper Style Baggies

    Gallon Zipper Style Baggies


    Hand Sanitizer

    Small Toys (Dollar Store, McDonalds, etc) for the Prize Box

    Clear Packing Tape

    Cardstock Paper (8 ½ x 11) White and Colored