Apprenticeship is a system of skilled occupational training that combines practical work experiences with related academic and technical instruction. An apprentice works on the job for an employer and is taught and supervised by an experienced person in the chosen occupation. The preplanned, progressively challenging work-based learning experience usually extends two to four years.

    The apprentice is periodically evaluated and granted wage increases for satisfactory progress. Upon completion of the work and the related instruction, the apprentice is considered "skilled and knowledgeable" and will receive certification as a "journeyman" in the field.

    Apprenticeship standards are established by the NC Department of Commerce.



    The Apprenticeship and Training Bureau refers to all high school apprenticeships as Pre-apprenticeships. The term Apprenticeship used on these web pages encompasses both Apprentices and Pre-apprentices.

    Any work completed by a high school student in a Pre-apprenticeship could transfer to a Registered Apprenticeship upon graduation from high school. A Pre-apprenticeship does not require the multi-year commitment that a Registered Apprenticeship requires.


    image.png CAP Apprenticeship Program

    The CAP (Career Accelerator Program) is a local program offering:


    • FREE education!  All tuition, books and fees are paid by the program
    • Earn an Associate of Applied Science Degree from Alamance Community College
    • Option to transfer credits to most state four-year universities to earn a bachelor’s degree
    • Get paid for the time you are in college classes in addition to your time on the job
    • Leadership training - Learn advanced skills that will help companies compete, grow, and thrive
    • Pursuit in a field that aligns with individual interests — from robotics to electronics, advanced manufacturing, and more. Learn about apprenticeship career pathways.

    To learn about these opportunities and more, visit their website at https://alamancecap.com/, or their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/CAPApprentice/ and also be sure to check the Events link on that page.