• Job Shadowing is a short-term (usually a half day) educational experience that introduces an individual student to a particular job or career by pairing the student with an employee of a business, industry, or agency. By following or "shadowing" the employee, the student becomes familiar with the duties associated with that occupation, the physical setting of the occupation, and the compatibility of the occupation with his or her own career goals.


    Shadowing develops an awareness of the educational and technical skills required for entry and advancement in a specific occupation. The student becomes familiar with the work-site environment and the job-related characteristics of the specific job or career. Shadowing provides students the opportunity to discuss areas of interest or concern with the employee in the "real world" occupation they are shadowing. By providing a relevant experience outside the classroom, employers are able to contribute to the education of youth and help prepare students for future career opportunities.

    Junior Job Shadowing usually occurs in November and March.  Please click on the application link below if you are interested in participating.  Completed applications are due to Ms. Smith, located in Student Services building, or may be given to the teacher for those enrolled in English III Honors or AP.  Late applications will not be accepted, so be sure to adhere to the due date on the application each year.