Greetings Parents and Guardians of Pre-Calculus or Calculus Students



    Dear Parent or Guardian:


    My name is Jeff Lawson, and I am your child’s mathematics teacher for this semester. It is my privilege to have the opportunity to teach your son/daughter. I am excited that your child has made the decision to challenge himself/herself by taking a higher level mathematics course. This course will allow your son/daughter to develop their mathematics conceptualization and understanding in myriad ways.


    You can assist your son/daughter during this semester by encouraging them to recognize their abilities and by guiding them toward their future goals. Students are successful at this level of mathematics when they demonstrate persistence, a positive attitude, a willingness to ask for help, and the time to complete their work. Please encourage your child to adopt these guiding habits.


    Watch for your child to have daily homework that includes exercises to work, reading in their textbooks, review of prior knowledge, mastery of new concepts, and building of mathematical vocabulary. Students generally spend eight to ten hours per week, outside of class, to master mathematics at the Pre-Calculus and Calculus levels. Encourage your son/daughter to form study groups with others taking their course.


    I am available, regularly, after school each week for Learning Center. Please encourage your child to attend on a regular basis, if additional assistance is needed outside of class. Should you wish to contact me, please feel free to call the school or to email me. I am happy to assist you.




    Jeffrey Z. Lawson, Mathematics Teacher

    Hugh M. Cummings High School