• We will be collecting Coke Rewards, Labels for Education, and Box Tops again this year. 
    The Coke Rewards can be submitted to the PTO by turning in the bottle caps and labels from cartons or you can enter the codes yourself at home and donate them online to B Everett Jordan.
    Labels for Education can be turned it at school in the collection container by the office.
    Box Tops can either be attached to one of the collection sheets or just in a sandwich bag.  Please make sure to put your child's name on the bag with the teacher name.  We will be doing prizes for submitting box tops this year.  In the past, we have awarded the top collecting class with an ice cream party once per quarter.  This year we are going to be giving prizes to the children that turn in box tops (this is why we need your child's name on the bag or paper they submit).
    Thank you for your continued support with collecting these items.