• Reading

    -high frequency words (read and write 20 or more fluently)

    -decoding skills

    -Letter Mastery (identification and sound)

    -identify first sound in words

    -problem and solution of story

    -compare fiction and nonfiction 




    -illustrate a story with a character and 5 details

    -proper letter formation

    -use finger spaces and end punctuation to write sentences

    -compose informative piece



    -number sense to 10

    (identification, counts a set, writes number, compares sets)

    -count to 50

    -draw shapes (circle, square, rectangle, triangle, hexagon)

    -solve addition equations



    -5 senses

    -positional words (under, over, above, below, beside, on, in)

    -movement of objects (living things and nonliving things)


    Social Studies

    -1st Thanksgiving (history)

    -December Holidays (culture)

    -Needs and Wants (economics)