•  Instructions for adding an AUDIO page to your portfolio website:
    1. In WIX add a new page named "Audio"
    2.  Write a reflection about your audio projects: (example below)
          I made a variety of audio files using _________________. I created one audio file that was based on audio I recorded in the building. I recorded several sounds including _______________, ___________ and ___________. I then copied, looped and layered the audio to produce something that sounds like a song. Next I chose to create ________________ for my audio project. To do this I _______________________(explain the process)_______. My favorite part of my project was _____________________ because _______________. If I had to do another project like this I would ______________________ because _________________________.
    3.  On the page you created in WIX add a title and paragraph text.
    text             music
     To add audio click the "+" button and add a audio file style. Some include an image! When you click on the audio button you have added, you will be prompted to upload your mp3 from there.
    If you have a video (mp4) because you did foley work, this will not work.** (see bottom of page)
    4.  Look at your page, it may need a graphic file and some text. If you did a mash-up, you may want to include an "album cover" that reflects both songs using Photoshop. Certainly all audio files need a title and possibly some text.
    ** Foley is a video file... to have video on the website, you have to add your video to YOUTUBE. To do this, log into youtube. Click the upload button, select your video and upload it. Once it is on Youtube, you can add a video placeholder in WIX. Wix guides you through adding a video from Youtube.video