Math Help

  • The math program we use for instruction is Engage NY. From this site, you will have access to the lesson plans, homework and class work that I use for math instruction.  This may be a helpful resource for you at home, especially for lessons with math models, diagrams and terms that are unfamiliar. 

Daily 5 Literacy

  • Each day our class participates in Daily 5 as part of our literacy time for students to practice valuable literacy skills in an authentic way that gives them choice about their learning.  Each day students are expected to complete a round of Read to Self (Independent Reading) and Work on Writing (Independent Writing).  Students are also expected to participate in Word Study at least 3 times a week.

    Word Study-

    Students are given a set of 20 words for a round of word study every 2-3 weeks.  They must work on learning the meaning and spelling of these words.  A quiz will be given at the end of a round to see if they have accomplished this goal.

    I am sharing the word study activities on this site in case students ever need to complete activities at home.

    Spelling- They must choose at least 3 spelling activities per round (an activity should include all 20 words).

    spelling choices


    Vocabulary- Students must complete one definition activity (Define It or Dictionary Check), Super Sentences, and one more vocabulary activity of their choice.