• Reading

    -high frequency words (read and write 30 or more fluently)

    -decoding skills

    -Letter Mastery (identification and sound)

    -identify phonemes (sounds) in words

    -retell story: beginning, middle, end

    -compare characters and books



    -illustrate a story with a character and 5 details

    -proper letter formation

    -use capital letters, punctuation and spacing correctly

    -compose opinion piece (what I like and why)





    -number sense to 20

    (identification, counts a set, writes number, compares sets)

    -counts to 75

    -builds shapes (circle, square, rectangle, triangle, hexagon)

    -identifies and names 3D shapes

    -solves addition word problem using pictures or objects and writes equation

    -solves subtraction equation

    -decomposes numbers 





    -Seasonal change/Winter & Spring



    Social Studies

    -Black History, St. Patrick’s Day (culture)

    -President’s Day (history)

    -Jobs (economics)