Music A+
  • Our music program at NGE is focused on enriching children's lives through music both academically and emotionally. Our students experience a wide variety of activities that allow them to build a well-rounded set of musical abilities. By the time they leave 5th grade they can talk about music, sing music, play instruments, move to music and analyze music. 

    One thing I tell all my students is that music makes us smarter. Music teaches us to recognize patterns, think critically, focus on details, work as a team, create, and consistently give our best effort. Perhaps the best part is that we can build all of those skills while having a ton of fun! There are many more academic benefits that music affords us, but I also teach my students about how music can improve their overall lives. Music shines a light on the human experience and can help us cope with difficult emotions and experiences in life, as well as inspire us to persevere through hard times or give us courage to achieve a goal. Students become so empowered when they realize that their ability to make music can even be used to make other people happy or comfort them when they are sad or hurting. Something so powerful is absolutely essential to a well-rounded education!

    ~ Kelly Jackson ~
    Music Teacher
    North Graham Elementary