• WorkKeys Training

    Student Instructions for using KeyTrain in ACT WorkKeys Test Prep:

    1. Go to keytrain.com
    2. Click the red bar “Run ACT KeyTrain”
    3. Enter Username and password (lunch number and computer login password – If lunch number doesn’t work, ask student to add first and last initial to end of lunch number.  Ex:  123456js)
    4. Click on “My Assignments” bar.
    5. Students will see preloaded courses for Reading for Information, Applied Math, and Locating Information. 
    6. Choose one of these courses and then click to choose “Start English” or “Start Spanish” to being the pretest.  Students must initially take the pretest.  The resulting report will determine whether a student is “exempt” from some or all of the lessons.   For any non-exempted lessons, students may then complete a series of lessons and take a quiz for each.  Upon completion of the final quiz, they will either receive acknowledgment of successful completion or will be reassigned lessons for which they need continuing work.
    7. Students may interrupt lessons and return to them at a later time.  However, quizzes must be done in one sitting or they will need to be restarted from the beginning.