• 2020-2021 Registration Information

    It's time for registration for the 2018-2019 school year!


    Students are to fill out his/her Registration Form, have the form signed by a parent, and bring the form to his/her registration appointment.  


    Please take time to look over the Student Course Registration in PowerSchool form to register for your classes independently with your parents from home.  Counselors will still meet with EVERY student individually during their scheduled appointment time to ensure that registration is accurate. Appointment times are located on the front of the registration form and spreadsheets with student's name and meeting times are above the bookshelf outside the guidance office.  Please make sure you bring your Registration Form to your appointment.  


    To assist with registration, courses typically offered at Walter M. Williams are on the Walter Williams High School Registration Course List. Also the ABSS Course Guide and ABSS Course List are on the the Williams High School homepage.  


    If you have questions or concerns, we will address them during your appointment time.  We will see you soon!!