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  • Percussion Resources


    Music Reading 101

    This series offers some exercises to teach basic rhythm and syncopation reading.


    John Wooten's Rudiment Lesson Series

    This series introduces the 40 PAS Rudiments of standard snare drumming.


    Vic Firth's Rudiment Play along Tracks

    This series provides backing tracks to play along with any of the PAS 40 rudiments.


    John Wooten's Rudiment Breakdown Series

    This series gives breakdowns on the 40 PAS rudiments to build up your mastery of snare performance.


    Vic Firth Concert Percussion 101

    This series offers basic playing techniques for all the concert percussion instruments from snare to triangle. Check it out as a refresher, or to learn a new instrument.


    Vic Firth Marching Percussion 101

    This series, like the concert percussion series, offer insight into good marching percussion techniques. Check it out in you're interested in learning to play a marching drum.


    Bill Bachman's Lesson Series

    This series offers breakdown videos for various drumming topics, including rudiment tips, specialized grip techniques, and more.


    Sequential Studies for Four Mallets

    This series offers basic exercises for development of the Stevens Four-Mallet Grip, an important technique for any mallet player advancing to proficient levels.


    Ney Rosauro's Extended Grip Lesson Series

    This series offers basic instruction on a four-mallet technique for more advanced keyboard percussion performance. Great for taking your mallet playing to the next level.


    Drumeo's Free Drum Lessons Playlist Series

    This multi-faceted series offers instruction of various topics of drum set playing, from style to advanced techniques. 


    Latin Percussion Lessons

    This lesson series, presented by LP, covers topics concerning the history and performance of Latin percussion instruments and music.