• Reading

    -high frequency words (read and write 40 or more fluently)

    -decoding skills

    -Identify digraph (sh, ch, th, wh, ck, ph) sounds

    -identify phonemes (sounds) in words

    -read CVC words fluently

    -retell story: beginning, middle, end

    -main topic and key details of nonfiction



     -proper letter formation

    -use capital letters correctly

    -use punctuation correctly

    compose imaginative narrative piece (sequence of events, transition words, reaction to events)

    -spell CVC words correctly



    -number sense to 30

    (identification, counts a set, writes number, compares sets)

    -count to 100

    -compare and contrast shapes (2D and 3D)

    -solve addition or subtraction word problems using pictures or objects and write the equation

    -identify ones and tens place

    -decompose numbers



    -Animal Classification

    -Structure and Function of Living Things

    -Seasonal change/Summer


    Social Studies

    -Life Cycles and Life Events (history)