• Summer is here! Encourage great speech/language skills over these months!

    Posted by Susan Baker on 6/1/2016

    There are lots of fun ways to encourage great speech and language skills over the summer months! Here are a few ideas for you and your student:


    1. Visit your local library. There are lots of free programs available such as Storytimes, PAWS (15 minute sessions for your student to read to a loveable pup), and making crafts. Check out their website at www.alamancelibraries.org.

    2. Check out books at the library and READ!!! Talk about the pictures, the events of the story, and the characters. 

    3. Visit yard sales and purchase MORE books at a much cheaper price. 

    4. Take a field trip together to the grocery store. Talk about each area of the grocery store (fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy). Describe and compare and contrast items of your choosing. Try a new fruit or vegetable together. Describe how it looks and tastes and your personal preference for this food item. 

    5. Practice your specific speech sounds by playing "I Spy." Look around the room and find items with your sound. Write your words and practice saying your words using your best speech.



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  • May is Better Speech and Hearing Month!

    Posted by Susan Baker on 4/26/2016

    Welcome to a new month! At Elon Elementary School, we are celebrating better speech and hearing month! My students have been busy adding some color to posters to display across our campus. During this month, I would love for our community of educators, parents, and other visitors in our building to learn something new about speech and language! Pay attention to our posters in the building and leave a comment about what you have learned this month! 




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  • April is Autism Awareness Month

    Posted by Susan Baker on 4/11/2016



    Did you know that the prevalence of children diagnosed with autism has increased in the last few years? It has increased from 1 in 88 children being identified to 1 in 68. Early diagnosis and intervention are key components to support these students are they continue to grow and develop. Early possible risk indicators include eye gaze, babbling, and feeding issues. As children continue to grow, some other signs may include difficulties with social communication or being able to have back-and-forth conversation and developing, maintaining, and understanding peer relationships. Some children may exhibit repetitive body movements such as hand flapping or insist on the sameness of a routine such as traveling the same route to a particular location or a daily schedule. Some children may have a highly restricted, fixated interest on a particular item such as trains.   


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  • How Can Parents Support Students with Speech/Language Impairments?

    Posted by Susan Baker on 3/22/2016 3:00:00 PM

    Many parents ask how they can help their students improve their speech/language skills? One of the best ways is to read books together! Read often and ask questions about the reading to encourage comprehension skills. If you are reading to your student, you are modeling correct speech sound production, reading fluency, and encouraging listening skills. If your student is reading, he or she is learning to decode words, read fluently, use correct sound productions, and comprehend the text. The most important thing is to have FUN!!! This time spent with parents should be anticipated and enjoyed! Have fun!

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