• Williams High School Important Senior Activity Information

    Important Dates:
    • April 17 Extra graduation ticket requests will begin being taken in person to Ms. McCann in the front office
    • April 28 Deadline for requesting extra tickets for graduation at 4:00pm
    • May 5 Recipient list of extra tickets posted outside of the main office
    • May 25 Awards Day Practice first block in auditorium (mandatory)
    • May 26 Awards Day Program 9:00am in auditorium (wear cap and gown) Line up at 8:30am
    • June 9 Graduation Practice 2:00pm in auditorium (mandatory) Senior Brunch before graduation practice at Grove Park Baptist Church
    • June 11 Baccalaureate 5:00pm First Presbyterian Church (wear cap and gown) Line up at 4:30pm
    • June 12 Graduation 2:00pm in auditorium (wear cap and gown) Line up at 1:30pm
    Attire to wear with cap and gown –
    May 26, June 11, June 12 (ceremony only, you do not need to wear it for practice)
    Dress shoes (no tennis shoes — avoid anything, such as heels, that is difficult to walk in)
    Long dress pants in a solid color
    Dress shirt
    Dress (make sure that it doesn’t hang out from under your gown)
    Cap and Gown Orders: If you have not ordered your cap and gown, you should order it from NC Graduate Services. The phone number is (336) 228-7770.
    Graduation Tickets: Seniors will be given 5 tickets to graduation. There are a limited number of extra tickets. A request for extra tickets must be made in person to Ms. McCann in the office from April 17–April 28 at 4pm. There is no guarantee that extra tickets will be allotted. A list of recipients of extra tickets will be posted by May 5.
    -Please notify your school counselor if you have been offered any scholarships and/or financial aid and whether or not you are accepting. Bring the letter or email stating your award. This information is needed for a district report.
    -Please notify your school counselor if your mailing address and/or phone number change so that we can contact you as needed.
    -January Graduates: Please call the guidance office at 570-6164 by June 1 and tell Ms. Thorpe whether you plan to march at graduation.
    -Please check the Williams High School website from time to time for announcements. The website is www.wwh.abss.k12.nc.us
    Important Contacts:
    Prom (May 20). Ms. Cindy Gilliam 570-6161 cynthia _gilliam@abss.k12.nc.us
    Senior Advisor: Ms. Kim Steele 570-6161 kimberly_steele@abss.k12.nc.us
    Yearbook: Ms. Betsy Lee 570-6161 betsy_lee@abss.k12.nc.us