• My First Game
    In this activity we will be using GameMaker to create a 2D video game.  This will be a simple game however, it will teach you the things you need to know to create more complex games on your own.  You can get GameMaker on your computer at home for free.  This software has been used to make many games you probably have played before.
    In order to follow along with these videos, you will need to wear the headphones at your computer.  There is a volume knob on the headphones if you can not hear anything.  If you have questions with the instructions, please raise your hand and I will be walking around helping people.
    At the end of several of the videos, I suggest trying things on your own.  If you feel comfortable enough with what you did in the video, please feel free to make modifications to your game to make it "yours". 
    Videos to follow along with (these
    take a while to download so you can
    download them while watching the
    first video) 
    Resources you will need:
    (To save, right click the link,
    select "open in new window",
    then right click the picture,
    choose "Save image as")
    CAMP DAY 2 CHALLENGES (after you have completed all the videos above)  If you need help with something, don't be afraid to ask or use Youtube to help find answers.
    #1 - Use what you learned on day one (how to create and display the score) to make lives for your clown.  Create 3 lives when you start the game.  Place several TNT objects (you will have to use the sprites found above and make objects for the TNT) in your room.  When the clown collides with the TNT, have one life taken away.
    #2 - Watch this tutorial on rooms.  When the lives go to 0, have the player go to an "end game" room.  You can make a sprite and object to put in this new room to tell the player that the game has ended.
    #3 - Create a start menu for your game.  Use this video to learn how to create buttons for the player to start the game.  The new menu room can be dragged to the top of the room list so that it will be opened first when the player starts your game.
    #4 - Watch this video to learn a little about how animation works in GameMaker.  Use this information to animate a sprite you make to put in your game (you come up with something that can be animated).
    CAMP DAY 3
    - We will stop early for you to email me your game.  If time allows, we will play other games made in this class.
    - If you have not already, use this video to find a background on Google and put in your game.
    - Spend today finishing what you have not completed in your game.  Have fun with it and make it interesting!
    - To save your game in order to be able to play it on another computer use the following directions:
            1) Click on "Build" on the very top menu
            2) Choose "Create Executable"
            3) Choose "Package as Zip"
            4) Name the file and click save (Remember where you save it!).  This can be saved to your Google drive, emailed to yourself and/or saved on a flash                  drive.
    - If you finish everything early, try the character animation video below.
    Character Animation
     Below you will find videos and resources needed to complete the character animation.
    ONLY work on these AFTER you have completed all five videos and have your game
    working correctly.