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    7:50- Tardy Bell - Please  try to get to school on time!  Let me know through Dojo if you are running late or will be absent!

    7:55- 8:15- Morning Meeting- this is a time to start our day on a positive note and get pumped up to have  an awesome day!

    8:15- 8:45- Fundations- your child will enjoy learning spelling, sounds, sentence structure and writing- examples: vowels/long and short- a e i o u , digraphs- ch, sh, ck, th     blends- cl, sl, pl, fl    CVC words- cat  fit  van  ten  ton  sun     CVCe- huge  bite  

    8:45- 10:05- Daily 5 Stations 

    10:05- 10:35 WIN time (What I Need)- small groups to enrich/review - Let's practice to get better! 

    10:35- 10:50- Read Aloud and continue some Daily 5

    11:10- 11:35 Lunch (Lunch is free to all students. We will travel to the cafeteria, however we will eat in the classroom or outside. (Enter through Side B)

    11:50- 12:20 Recess/Playground time (please wear tennis shoes) 

    12:20- 12:55- Math

    12:55- 1:35 Specials   Day 1- PE   Day 2- Music  Day 3- Tech/Computer   Day 4- PE    Day 5- Art    Day 6- Media

    1:35- 2:35- Math

    2:35- Dismissal