• Student drivers must currently hold a NC Driver’s License to apply for parking permit.


    • Students must show their Driver’s License when purchasing or picking up parking permit.


    • All student vehicles parked on school campus must be registered with the school.


    • Vehicles parked improperly and/or without issued parking decal will be subject to a $10 ticket and/or towing at the owner’s expense.


    • Parking in a spot that is not registered to you will be subject to a $10 ticket and/or towing at the owner’s expense.


    • If someone is parked in your spot, you must park on Arlington Ave and report the vehicle with license plate to the front office.


    • If another vehicle is used in place of the registered vehicle, the student must notify the front office.


    •  Seat belts are to be worn while the car is in motion (i.e., upon entering and exiting the lot).


    • Speed limit on school campus is 5 MPH and is strictly enforced.


    • Parking decals must be displayed at all times and are NON-Transferable.  This means that YOUR parking pass is YOURS ALONE and may NOT be shared or given to another student. 






    The following violations may result in forfeiture of parking privileges which upon no refunds will be issued:


    • More than 2 parking tickets.
    • Obligations accrued throughout the school year.
    • Violation of school rules including (but not limited to) excessive tardies.
    • Failure to follow rules governing parking and safe operation of vehicle.
    • Violation of speed limit.
    • Failure to maintain proper seating and/or vehicle capacity limits.
    • Throwing litter from vehicles on or around campus.
    • Loitering in or around cars.
    • Playing radio loudly or causing disruption (horn blowing, yelling) on or around campus.
    • Going to vehicle during school hours without written permission from administration.

    ABSS school system retains the authority to conduct routine patrols of student parking lots and visual inspections of the exteriors and interiors of student vehicles on school property. The administration may search the interiors of student vehicles whenever there is reasonable suspicion to believe illegal or unauthorized materials/substances are contained inside. Failure to provide access to interior of vehicle upon request by school official will result in revocation of parking permit. Patrols of student parking lots by school system employees may be conducted without notice, without student consent, and without search warrant.

Last Modified on July 29, 2019