• Coach Marks  

    Room: A-4 

    I am looking forward to a great semester in Foundations of Math 1!  The activities, lectures, and assignments in this course are aligned with the North Carolina Standards for Math and will prepare students for the Math I End of Course Exam, which will be taken at the conclusion of this semester.

    Classroom Rules:

    1.      Be on time! Refer to the tardy policy in the student handbook.

    2.     Come to class prepared. Bring all necessary materials.

    3.     Participate in class. This includes completing all assignments in a timely manner and participating in class activities and discussions.         

    4.     Respect others. Treat everyone the way you want to be treated.

    5.     CELL PHONES AND OTHER ELECTRONIC DEVICES: We will use Chromebooks in our class some days. Acceptable use rules will apply. We will also use our personal cell phones or other electronic devices on occasion. HOWEVER, personal devices will ONLY be allowed to be used in class with TEACHER PERMISSION.  Phones and other devices are allowed to be used by students between classes and at lunch. When you walk into the classroom they should be TURNED OFF. Devices being used during class time and sitting on desks, without teacher permission, will be confiscated. The first time, I will return it to the student at the end of the class period. For the second offense, I will turn it in to the office per school policy and a parent will have to collect it from administration.            


    1.       One 3 ring binder (2 ” binder would work best, but any size is fine) filled with notebook paper.

    2.       4 tab dividers for the notebook.

    3.       Please use pencils, and bring them to class.

    4.      If using pens make sure they are black and blue only 

    5.       Optional:  Graphing calculator.  Any TI-84 version.  I have a set of TI-84’s for students to use while in class, but they cannot be checked out.  This is the calculator that students will use throughout high school and college.

    6.       Optional:  Earbuds or headphones.  We will utilize computers for instruction this semester and many lessons have online video tutorials that students may want to view from time to time.

    Notebooks- You will keep a notebook in this class. Your notebook should be arranged into 4 sections: Warm Ups, Notes, Assignments and Tests/Quizzes.  All handouts and written materials should be kept in this notebook.  There may be periodic notebook checks for a class work grade.  Staying on track with your notebook is the best way to study for quizzes, tests and the final exam.

    Grades- Your grade in this class will be determined as follows:

    Foundations and Math 1:  

     Test and Quizzes: 50%

    Homework:           20%
    Class work:            20%
    Participation:        10% 


    All Chapter Test and Quiz dates will be announced at least two days before the test.   The tests are challenging and comprehensive. The best way to be successful on a test or quiz is to participate in class and complete all assignments. Also, make sure you ask questions about material you are unsure of before the test day.  **IF you are absent the day before a quiz or chapter test, you will be expected to take the test with your peers on the assigned test day if you are in class.  If you are absent on a test or quiz day, you have 3 days to make it up.**  Students have the opportunity to make corrections on every test and can receive half of their points back. Students will have to schedule a time with me to make the corrections.


    Almost every day there will be some type of homework assignment that students will have time to start. The majority of the time, homework will be to complete work started in class graded on effort.  Effort homework will be graded on a legitimate attempt to work every problem. There will be five possible grades:

    100%- all problems attempted, 75%~3/4 attempted, 50%~1/2 attempted, 25%~1/4 attempted, 0%-none attempted.

    Homework will be collected and graded for accuracy at least once a week, but could easily be collected more than one time.



    Warm-Ups will be done at the beginning of class. Most days warm-ups will be graded on effort.  Some days they will be collected and graded for accuracy.


    Class work:

    On most days after notes we will have class time to practice new material. You will receive effort grades and some assignments will be graded for accuracy.


    Class participation:

    Your participation grade will be given based on your work ethic and participation in class.  


    Tutoring Help - I will be available for extra help Wednesday and Friday mornings at 7:15am. I can schedule other tutoring times with advance notice.



    **Thank you for reading the syllabus!  I am looking forward to a wonderful semester with your students.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at 336-570-6400 or through email at Zachary_marks@abss.k12.nc.us**

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