•  Image: Art Materials
     AP Art: 2-D Design and Drawing
     This course provides students with the opportunity to use the skills and knowledge that they have gained in their previous art classes as they develop their own body of work based upon a theme of their choice.  In this class, students are required to keep a sketchbook in which they record their ideas, research and critique artwork, and reflect upon their progress.  They will also complete studio projects.  Students will learn how to write an artist statement and photograph artwork, with the ultimate goal being the development of a cohesive art portfolio.

    Materials: You will need a bound 8 ½ x 11" sketchbook.  This will be your sketch journal.  Look for a book that has good-quality pages (heavier paper); avoid books with perforated pages - they will fall out and you will lose your artwork!  Depending on the kind of artwork you choose to produce, you may wish to purchase additional supplies…