• Intermediate Theatre

    Students will build upon essential vocabulary and practices of theatre. This course will include Reading, Writing, Research, Acting, Technical Theatre, and Reflection. Students will be involved in acting experiences individually and in a group setting. This course includes many group and independent projects that will take time to complete.


    Proficient/Advanced Theatre

    The focus/aim of the course is for every student to develop an understanding of the collaborative nature of theatre, become a collaborator in more than one role, to expand knowledge and creativity, and learn to use acquired knowledge to devise and realize performances.




    Explore theatre in the making to develop skills necessary to:

    • Perform
    • Devise, plan and realize a theatre performance
    • Design and realize an element of production and provide technical support in a theatre performance
    • Observe theatre


    Explore theatre in performance by applying knowledge gained to:

    • Perform
    • Direct
    • Design
    • Participate as a member of the production team
    • Participate in two performances in two capacities/roles


    Explore theatre in the world to experience:

    • A range of world theatre traditions and cultural practices within diverse cultural and historical contexts
    • An opportunity to explore the roots of theatre and theatrical traditions


    Create/Complete an Independent Project

    • Devise a performance
    • Write an original script
    • Perform a role onstage
    • Design costumes, lighting, sound
    • Run a workshop where the process of making theatre is practically explored