• A bit about MTSS: 
    MTSS stands for multi-tiered system of support.
    Tier I covers all students: Grade levels will create a grade level plan that covers needs of most kids. All kids will be covered under this plan. so they will receive daily instruction in the area of need. Then we track their progress with common assessments and decide if the plan is working, needs to be tweaked, or the student might need to go to tier II. 
    If a student has an additional need, they would fall into tier II: In tier II, the student receives the daily instruction of tier I and then their classroom teacher will provide an additional time of the day in a small group, for further instruction. The students' progress is also tracked under tier II. Based on progress, they could remain in tier II, exit out of tier II (don't need an extra group anymore), or go to tier III. 
    Under tier III: The student would still receive instruction of tier I and tier II and also would get pulled out of the classroom for additional instruction in a small group. That's where I come in- I or Mrs. Farlow would be the teachers that pull the students out for the additional instruction. Again, we track their progress to decide what steps we would need to take from there. 
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