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  • See Mrs. Davis if  you have any questions.   


    Work Permit:

    Do you need a "Youth Employment Certificate or Worker's Permit?  You must have a job offer BEFORE you fill out the form because you will need some information from  your employer.  Also, you will need a printer to print off the certificate once you have filled out the form.  

    See the following website for directions, information, and the link to the form itself.




    NC Careers: 

    One stop shopping for career seekers in NC.  You can explore your interests, see who is hiring, learn what education is required for different careers, and more.



    NC Works Online:

    North Carolina's "go to" site for anyone who wants to or already does work in NC.  There are resources and job postings and a variety of tools there to help you move into the NC workforce successfully.  Click the link below and set up your account to get started.



    NC Department of Public Instruction, Career and Technical Education



    Click on the link below to learn about college majors most in demand with employers in 2015.  



    My Plan

    Use this site to look up popular majors.  You can also get questions answered such as "What can I do with a major in _____?"




    Career Cruising:

    This site offers tons of resources in helping you plan for your future.  These are just some of the activities:

     - Interest Inventories

     - Explore Careers

     - Check out colleges 


    La informacion tambien esta disponible en español!!


    Your log in information is the same as your computer log in at school.




    NC WiseOwl Career Library:


    CFNC College Foundation of North Carolina

     Helping you Plan, Apply, and Pay for College!!!!


     La informacion tambien esta disponible en español!!



    Fastest Growing Jobs in America: 


    O*NET Online

    O*NET Online has detailed descriptions of the world or work for use by job seekers, workforce development and HR professionals, students, researchers, and more.



    Career Outlook in the US

    This website allows you to obtain and sort various career data, also known as Labor Market Information.  Knowing WHERE the job openings will be in the future will help you in determining what career to pursue.   




    This website offers information about Career Planning, College, and Scholarships.

    Go get some FREE $$$ and go to college!!