• Click on the Learning Styles link below and complete the brief survey to determine your primary learning style.  


    http://www.how-to-study.com/learning-style-assessment/ (Spanish option)


    These are the most common learning styles.

    Visual - Visual Learners prefer the use of images, maps, and graphic organizers to access and understand new information


    Auditory  - Auditory Learners best understand new information through listening and speaking in situations such as lectures and group discussions. Aural (Audiory) learners use repetition as a study technique and benefit from the use of mnemonic devices. 


    Kinesthetic - Kinesthetic Learners best understand information through tactile representation of information.  These students are hands on learners who learn best through figuring out by hand (i.e. Understanding how a clock works by putting one together). 


    Reading/Writing (a type of Visual Learner) - Students with a strong reading/writing preference learn best through words.  These students may present themselves as copious note takers or avid readers and are able to translate abstract concepts into words and essays.