• Grading Scale                                                                     

    A=90-100                    D=60-69                                                                    

    B=80-89                      F=59 and below                                               



    Check Grading Scale Equivalent
    A = √++
    B =  √+
    C = √
    D = √-
    F = √ - -
    Course Requirements

    35% = Test/Projects/Presentations

    20% = Classwork/Lab write ups/Journals

    25% = Quizzes/article reviews

    20% = Homework/participation


    My Expectations for Learning

    • Students MUST take an active role in their education (“the more the you do, the more you learn”)
    • Students are held accountable for their actions and their school work
    • Students are to be present in order to participate in ALL classroom activities and discussions
    • Students are to show respect for themselves, their peers, and ALL teachers/administration/staff members
    • Students are to follow ALL school and classroom guidelines/procedures
    • Students are to be prepared to learn with ALL required materials, appropriate behavior and a positive attitude


    ***NOTE: There will be periodic quizzes, test, projects, presentations, lab investigations, and research projects etc., given throughout the schools year.  Rubrics explaining procedures, expectations, and requirements will be distributed accordingly.  


    “Failure is not Fatal”….. it's ONLY the 1st step"