CTEC Makerspace
  • Equipment Resources

  • Equipment Tutorials / Help

    • Thingiverse


      3D printable models to download and print.


    • Fusion 360


      3D Modeling using Fusion 360 tutorials and examples


  • Create Tutorials For Your Class or the Makerspace!

  • Setup and intro to creating tutorials


    Learn how to setup your desktop and what software we have available to create tutorials.  These tutorials can be used for software or hands-on activities students perform.  These tutorials can be used in a public or private classroom setting.  They can provide help to future students or current students needing extra help.


     Setup desktop for tutorials


    Simple Video Editing Using Premiere


    The basics of cutting and splicing video using Adobe Premiere


    Basic Cutting and Splicing


    Export Your Video Using Premiere


     How to export your video after you have finished editing it in Premiere.


    Export your video in Premiere