• Parenting Child Development

    In this course students will explore the rewards, responsibilities, and challenges involved in the parenting role. The importance of the decision to become a parent is reinforced through realistic presentations/videos, situational debates, and classroom discussions. Emphasis is placed on the very real challenges of teen pregnancy, parenting readiness, and the influence parents have on children while providing care and guidance. Child development from conception through age six is another major focus of the content.

    A large portion of this course will operate within through Canvas. Become familiar with the procedures for submitting work and  be diligent to check often for assignments and announcements. This removes the possibility of missed deadlines and/or missing work!

    There is an Honors option for this course. See me soon if you are interested.


    Supplies Needed

    3 ring binder:  1 1/2"

    1 set of 8-tab dividers

    Pens and pencils

    Paper for note taking