• Today you will complete the webquest on Parts of the wave. Click the links provided and answer the questions on your personal paper copy of the webquest. This is due at the end of class!

    Parts of a Wave Intro

    http://goo.gl/OIbmDj - Brainpop Video

    http://goo.gl/AKERz9 - Waves website


    1.       Watch the brainpop video.  Take the quiz. Upload your score to schoology. This can also help you with the questions below.

    2.       Go to the waves website.

    3.       Read about the picture of the wave and the meaning of the different parts.

    4.       What type of wave is shown?

    5.       Click on the crest and trough section heading.

    6.       On the picture above, label the crests and troughs.

    7.       Click on the Amplitude section heading.

    8.       What is the definition of Amplitude?

    9.       Label amplitude on the diagram above.

    10.   Click on the wavelength section heading.

    11.   What is the definition of wavelength?

    12.   Label wavelength on the diagram above.

    13.   Click on the frequency section heading.

    14.   What is the definition of frequency?

    15.   What is the frequency of the wave above?