Gina Holmgren, Professional School Counselor

  • Gina Holmgren


    My name is Gina Holmgren. I am so excited to be the Professional School Counselor at Sylvan Elementary! Elementary school is such an important period in the development of a child. This is when they start developing their identity as an individual, a student, a friend, and a citizen in their world. It is my professional goal to help children develop a growth mindset, understanding that success may take a lot of hard work and determination, there may be struggles along the way but success is possible. I work with students, families, teachers, and others to ensure that students have the support and knowledge they need to successfully navigate their elementary years as they journey to being career and college ready.




    I am so full of emotions about the start of school this year! This year is unlike any year I have ever experienced! Though it seems that I have many of the same emotions, just more of them! I am really excited to return to school and I am hopeful about the benefits in my life that come with a routine. I am also nervous! It's not the usual "back to a new school year jitters" it is a step into many unknowns. I do not know many people who feel comfortable with unknowns. I have had to do some reflecting prior to returning to school. I have looked at what is in my control and what is out of my control. I have decided to focus on what is in my control. I can control my attitude. I am choosing to come to school this new school year with a positive attitude, knowing that so many great things are going to happen this year! I am choosing to celebrate little successes in myself and others! All of this is helping me to KNOW that this 2020-2021 school year is going to be one for the record books, ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! I am so glad to be on this journey with you! We are going to ROCK this year!

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