• Ultimate Frisbee Club


    Contact information


    Captain Floyd Clapp: floydc322@students.abss.k12.nc.us

    Captain Ron Dumas: rond4544@students.abss.k12.nc.us 

    What is Ultimate?

    Ultimate Frisbee, or Ultimate for short, is a team sport in which one team tries to score points on the other while dodging interceptions and avoiding dropped passes. It is generally played in 7v7 format, with each team having at least one captain or co-captain on the field at one time.  

    Here are some General Rules:

    1. The frisbee can only be moved via passes, no running is allowed for the player with possession, excluding a 3-step grace period for stopping.

    2. An official Ultimate field is 80 Yards by 40 Yards which is enclosed by  two 20 Yard end zones.

    3. A play begins with a throw off and a call (Ultimate!)

    4. Points are rewarded when a team gets into the end zone with possession of the frisbee.

    Practice Schedule

    Practices are held generally every Saturday morning at 10am on the Southern Alamance football field. Any exceptions will be posted.

    Beginning March 2nd, additional practices will begin on Thursdays. Time and location TBA.

    Faculty and Coaching

    Faculty advisors:

    Coaching Staff

    • Bryan Dehart

    Rule book PDF

    For more rules, regulations, and information consult the official rulebook of Ultimate Frisbee: http://www.whatisultimate.com/what-is-ultimate/the-rules/



    Team announcement:

    • Southern UF is currently looking for teams to compete against. If you have any information at all please contact Captain Ron Dumas.

    • If you would like a jersey please contact Captain Ron Dumas with Size, Number, and Name preference. The cost is $13 for any size (Small-Extra Large) and $15 2XL and 3XL.