• North Carolina Children's Book Award

    The NC Children's Book Award is a child-driven book award sponsored by the NC School Library Media Association and the North Carolina Public Library Association.  Books are nominated by children during the spring of each year and a list of 10-15 books in two categories (Picture books and Junior books) is created from those suggestions. 


    Children may read the books from either category (or both), and then in the spring they vote for their favorite from the list.  To vote, they must read at least 5 of the nominated books from a category.  The book receiving the most votes in each category wins the award.  Voting takes place in any school or public library that participates in the program (Hillcrest does participate).


    The books from the lists are available at the local public library, our school library and most are available in electronic format through the NC Kid's Digital Library*.


    *To access/borrow from NC Kid's Digital Library the student will use their school ID number (their lunch number) as a login and the last 4 digits of that number as their password.