• Welcome to Mr. Cone’s Class


    Mr. Wesley Cone

    This is my 9th year teaching English, and my first year at ABEMC.


    I am a Jack of All Trades, Master of Writing Composition. My wife (Sarah) and I moved here in August 2016, from Clinton, NC, with our new daughter. I took a year to spend time with our little one before striking off into the world of education once again.


    I am excited to be back and am thoroughly enjoying the Early/Middle College community so far. We have great students, great parents, and a great staff.


    I enjoy most things: sports, movies, board games, video games, and anything else that allows me to build relationships with people. My life motto: “Life is relationship.” I love and respect the people that have been brought into my life and aspire to help them in their journey toward their calling in life.


    In our approach to English, we will be focusing on the state standards for the English curriculum. Jenny Fisher and I will both be teaching English classes. It is important to note that we are two different teachers with two unique teaching styles. We will both cover all the standards. However, we may utilize different texts and/or types of projects to accomplish this goal. Each group of students is unique, and a one size fits all approach is not always the best approach for educational purposes.


    I greatly appreciate any and all communication that will help me better serve you this year. Feel free to e-mail me at gary_cone@abss.k12.nc.us.