• Course objective description:

    This course is an introduction to the study of the target language and its culture. Students perform the most basic functions of the language and become familiar with some elements of its culture. The emphasis is placed on the development of the four skills; listening, speaking, reading and writing within a given context extending outside of the classroom setting when possible. The context focuses on the students’ lives and experiences and includes an exposure to everyday customs and lifestyles. Grammar is integrated throughout the course and is selected according to the language conventions. A general introduction if given to the culture, its products (e.g. literature, laws, food, games.) Students acquire some insight into how language and culture work by comparing the target culture(s) to their own. Integration of other disciplines is ongoing throughout the course.



    The Standard Course of Study is organized in five primary goals adapted from the National Standard for Foreign Language Learning preparing for the 21 Century, found at the website shown below. The activities used to achieve these goals are comprised of speaking, listening, reading and writing in the subject language: