• 1/22: Welcome, seating charts, syllabus, safety, Image of the day, course blueprint and completer, movie permission form. 


    1/23: Submit forms, Image of the day, Flash card machine,  Autobiography project, medical breakthroughs: https://www.rd.com/health/conditions/medical-breakthroughs-of-2018/

    1/24: medical breakthroughs: https://www.rd.com/health/conditions/medical-breakthroughs-of-2018/,start career project, keep working on autobiography map

    1/27: Autobiography map, Careers project, Quiz tomorrow in Quia 


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      Class: biomedical science block 2 2020
      Code: DRXRRA736

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     1/28: Take vocab quiz, pretest, finish careers and autobiography maps. 

    1/29: Watch secret life of scientists you tubes, create cartoon depicting your chosen scientist, finish your careers and autobiography maps. Set up drop boxes.  \\ctefs01\shares\teachers\Lpoff\dropbox

    1/30: Notes on biomedical science, complete prior work, will check flash card machine vocab, difference biomedical research has made.

    1/31: Heart terms and diagram, work on scientists cartoon. Check autobiography maps, career projects, work on scientist assignment.

    2/3: Who's got the beat lab. Work on outstanding assignments. 

    2/4: notes on biomedical research, answer questions, complete Science project and  careers questions

    2/5: Work on outstanding work. Submit Scientist assignment and career project. 

    2/6: Begin Duke study project. 

    2/10: Duke study project

    2/11: Test review

    2/12: Begin Living Proof

    2/11: Complete unit review for test and "did you or will you ever?" handout

    2/12:Living Proof , review for test

    2/13: Complete Living Proof, review for test on Monday

    2/14: Vocabulary for Unit 2 into flash card machine, Crossword review for test

    2/17: turn in crossword, check vocab,  complete test

    2/18: notes on animal research, vocabulary unit 2 quiz tomorrow, add agency vocab to flash card machine. 

    2/19: Quiz, notes on milestones in animal research

    2/24 Notes on caring for animals, watch the caring for animals videos, complete video sheet.  PETA Video

    2/25 animal research project (due Friday, 2/28). Test will be Friday. 

    2/26: Complete test review part 1 and animal research project. Review Peer-reviewed meaning.

    2/27: complete test review part 2, animal research project due tomorrow, test is tomorrow. 

    2/28: Test Review, check test reviews, complete test, new vocab into flash card machine.