HOMETOWN: Perth, Western Australia

    BIRTHDAY: 02 November 1970



    Teaching Experience


    20+ years

    Public and private schools

    Australia - Western Australia, Tasmania,

    China – Shaanxi Province (Xi’an, home of the terracotta warriors)

    USA – NC (Page, Grimsley, Greensboro Day School)


    Family   PHOTO


    Son – William, AUS & US citizen born in Perth, almost 13 years old, blond, thoughtful, crazy curious

    Daughter – Matilda (a.k.a Tilly), AUS & US citizen born in Greensboro, almost 11 years old, blond, talkative, crazy artistic




    I lived a mile or so from some of the best beaches in the world. In the summers, I was at the beach from sunup to sundown. When I wasn’t at the beach, I was playing sport (football, cricket, soccer, tennis) from sunup to sundown.


    Coming to America 


    I came to the U.S. as part of the Visiting International Faculty program in 2000. I was looking for an interesting opportunity. The rest, as they say…


    The only problem is that I am now four hours drive from any sort of beach. It’s almost like losing a lung. The journey back to Australia is easy – 24 hours on a plane, 8 hours in airport terminals.


    Hobbies and interests


    My main hobby is spending time outdoors. Whether it’s playing sports, going to the beach or the mountains, or taking William and Tilly on a hike at Hanging Rock State Park to the park – I like to be outside. My main interest is improving myself – being a better person, teacher, or dad. I also like to try and understand things about American culture that I’m ignorant of.


    If I could teach my students one life lesson


    Do it yourself, and do it now! Do it as well as you possibly can. Don’t think that anything will come your way “just because.” Don’t think that anyone will give you anything “just because.”


    As William H Johnsen said: “If it is to be, it is up to me."