Approximate Timeline of AIG Identification Process

  • The following information gives a general idea of what to expect with the ABSS AIG referral and identification process.  For specific questions, please contact the AWE AIG specialist at .


    • Time to update staff on the current ABSS AIG plan and inform them of general referral criteria and deadlines
    • Meet with parents and teachers about the Differentiated Education Plans for currently served AIG students
    • Send out letters informing parents of grade-wide screening of third grade students for AIG using the Cognitive Abilities Test in October


    • All third grade students take the Cognitive Abilities Test the week of October 9.  This is the first step in the screening process for third grade.
    • Parents receive a letter detailing the AIG referral process.  This is usually given at the report card conference or comes home with the report card.  This is a great time for parents to discuss possible AIG referrals with classroom teachers.  
    • Parent referrals must be made in writing to Principal Westmoreland no later than the day before Thanksgiving vacation.
    • Please understand that a parent referral does not mean a student will test for AIG.  Upon referral, the AIG Specialist gathers all the data the AIG committee will need to determine if further testing is needed.


    • The AWE AIG Committee meets to review the data for all students referred.  
    • Using data gathered, a decision will be made as to whether we should test (gather more information) or not test at that time.
    • For third grade, we begin by examining Cognitive Abilities scores.  For 4-5, we begin with closely examining EOG data from the previous year.

    Late January/February

    • Parents will be notified in writing with a "permission to test" form to sign if the committee has chosen to pursue further testing and possible AIG identification.  
    • Letters will also be sent home to parents who referred students in the event the committee has decided that no further testing is needed at that time.


    • 3rd grade will have already taken the Cognitive Abilities Test, but all other students who are testing for AIG will take the Cognitive Abilities Test and the Iowa Test of Basic Skills in February and March.  
    • Third graders will only need to take the Iowa.


    • Once test results are returned, the AIG committee meets to review and evaluate results and to determine if other data is needed before making decisions.  
    • The AIG Specialist will begin to prepare profile sheets with testing data for each student so that an official decision of eligibility can be made by the committee.


    • Parents are notified in writing of whether or not students qualify for AIG services.  Details will be given on a copy of the profile sheet for all parents of students who were tested.  
    • If being identified as AIG, the information will also let parents know the subject and level of services for which the students has qualified.  
    • Parents will be invited for an information session with the AIG Specialist to get information and the opportunity to ask questions about placement.
    • A DEP meeting offering more information about the specifics of services will be held in the fall.