• What do YOU want to be when you grow up? 

    How do you plan to get from where you are now at Graham High School to where you want to be in a job providing for yourself and your family??


    We are going to use a couple of online tools to help you learn a little more about yourself.  Then you can use that new information to build a plan to move into your future.  


    1.  You will learn about Career Clusters in this activity.  You will learn which ones you most relate to and what careers are in that cluster.  Let's get started!!

    Education Planner

    Look for a side link to open the Explore Careers Activity. 

    Next look for the link to start the Clusters Activity.

    You will have questions to click on to answer.  There are NO WRONG ANSWERS!!

    At the end of the survey it will list your TOP FIVE CLUSTERS.  Please write these on your handout.


    2. In this activity you will learn about your personality profile.  Again, it starts with you answering questions (NO WRONG ANSWERS) and gives you results at the end. 

    NC Careers  

    When you enter the NC Careers site scroll to the bottom and look for the yellow NC Career Clusters link in the left corner.  Click that link.  

    Scroll to #1 Know Yourself and start that activity.  

    When you have completed those questions you will get a list of Personality Traits and YOUR % score for each. 

    Please record those traits and scores on your handout.


    3.  Now you have two new pieces of information about yourself to work with.  You have your primary Career Clusters and you have your top Personality Traits for careers.  You can put them to use in our next link below.

    Click into the link and look through the matrix to match your personal data.  The Career Clusters are listed down the left side of the matrix.  The Personality Traits are across the top.  See where they meet and you can explore specific careers that may be a great match for you!!  In most of the cells there are blue plus signs that you can click to access more career information. 

    Happy Job Hunting!!

    NC Career Clusters MATRIX