Welcome to 8th Grade Science! 

    We have an action-packed year planned to help us grow and be the BEST learners we can be! We will be exploring many topics this year. Hands-on labs help us to investigate and discover!

    Our Learning Delivery System we will using this year is CANVAS. All announcements, assignments, and unit modules will be found in Canvas. I encourage all parents to be an observer in Canvas to keep up with assignments. Please go to Power School to see most current, up to date grades. 

    What is your favorite -ology or -aphy? This year we will dive into topics in the fields of Geology, Paleontology, Biology, Microbiology, Epidemiology, Biotechnology, Ecology, Hydrology, and Oceanography! We will also be studying all sorts of energy forms, classifying matter, and learning how to use the Periodic Table of the Elements. Are you ready for some SCIENCE?

    Check out my YouTube channel (link below) for instructional videos to help you master the challenging Science curriculum! 

    Wendy Geise