• Broadview Middle School

    SILT Meeting: 11/6/2017


    1. Welcome
      Team members in attendance: Goldsby, Cochran, DeBruler, Pickering, Gerringer, Schooley, Somers, Kirkham, Krocke, Alston, Slagle
      1. Guests: Bishop, Haith (PTA)


    1. Role Assignments for the 2017-18 School Year
      Secretary: Russell (Cochran substituting)
    • Takes attendance
    • Records minutes, etc. of meeting
    • Shares minutes with SIP Team members within 24 hours

    Focus Keeper: Cochran

    • Keeps track of members wishing to add to discussion
    • Reminds when conversation has moved off topic

    Timekeeper: Gerringer

    • Notes times allowed for items on agenda
    • Gives 5-minute warning and final call on agenda items

    III.       Celebrate Recent Successes (5 min.)

    • Somers is married!
    • Russell is married!
    • Today was Ms. Goldsby’s first day as AP!
    • Pickering confirmed that all staff will be getting new laptops in March/April
    • 8th grade Sci Benchmarks went pretty smoothly this morning
    1. Approval of Last Meeting’s Minutes (5 min.)
    • Motion: Kirkham
    • Seconded: Pickering
    1. Academic Ceremony Information presented to grade level chairs
    • Done through teams in the gym - All 6th and part of 7th on Nov. 9 - One 7th grade team and all 8th on Nov. 13
    • Copy of schedule will be emailed
    • Chrisp - perfect attendance; Goldsby - Honor Rolls and Academic Merit
    • When you get the certificate templates (document), be sure to edit to match your grade level!
    • Elective Ts need to work out who will present Elective awards for which grade level
    • Goldsby will strategically schedule the teams so it doesn’t conflict with lunch times


    1. Elect new SILT chair
    • Asking Mrs. Russell (Burns) if she’s willing


    VII.  New 6th grade SILT representative

    • DeBruler will be SILT representative
    • Beirn will be the grade level chair


    VIII.  Holiday Christmas party

    • Currently scheduled for Dec. 15, but will need to be rescheduled due to PTA dance on 12/15
    • Pickering suggested moving date to during the week to cut costs
    • Goldsby will ask Crump to contact Occasions - Will check on Monday, Dec. 11


    1. Indistar Updates
    • Slagle
    • Up to date with deadlines so far
    • Next meeting, we’ll need to revamp - What we’re saying it’s going to look like needs to match the descriptions we have in Indistar.
    • Will be part of our accreditation process.
    • Parent & student surveys must be completed. Located on school website.  Will be done through one teacher on each team who has a tech cart. Surveys must be done by Nov. 17!
    • After T’giving Break-Dec. 21 - Accreditation team will meet for a day to get everything done. Slagle will let us know what date it will be.
    • Accreditation Team will be here April 15-April 18 to visit the school, interview everyone, etc.


    1. Feedback on Friday, November 3, 2017- Should we not have so many events in one day?
    • Should we have required them to wear SMOD for pictures?
    • Anderson felt the kids did really well considering everything going on. Kids did well at dance, parents picked kids up on time, etc.
    • DeBruler asked for clarification on expectations for non-SMOD days. Are hoodies, slides, etc.  allowed?




    1. Time of the dance- Should we adjust the time?
    • Some BMS Ts said they’d stay if dance was right after school. Leadership Team agreed to keep it 6:00-8:00


    XII.     Proposals (Staff Development Request)- (5 min. each)

    • Rafael Velazquez Murillo - required ESL PD at the ESL Intake Center on 11/17/17. Full day.  Sub paid for by CO
    • Penn - Orchestra / Chorus music competition at Carowinds. Eileen Penn and Cynthia Smith would like to take two small groups to The Carowinds music festival on a Saturday in May (probably May 5 but dates would have to be confirmed).  We are requesting to take approximately 55 students, mostly 8th grade students with some deserving 7th graders mixed in to help with the music groups.  The cost would be $100 - $120 per student.  Money would be collected through the year and there will possibly be fundraisers.  We would like to get a charter bus and stay the day.  Merit-based trip.
    • Penn - All county chorus - March 15-16. Up to 30 7th and 8th graders participate with students from across the county.  This is a county wide event with participation expected.  It is scheduled to be at Cummings auditorium with Graham High School auditorium as an alternate location. It is considered staff development for Ms. Penn.


    Field Trip/ School-wide Requests

    • Bigelow-Pycraft - The Ladies of Broadview would like to host a "Jeans Day" fundraiser on Tuesday November 21st. (Students will pay $5 for a SMOD free day) We would like to collect money Nov 15,16,17, and 20 during lunch.
    • Smith - Orchestra Trip for two students: I would like to be able to add Jaylen Haith and Jaeden Boney (both 8th graders) to the field trip my high school class is taking on November 14th to NC Music Teachers Conference. Smith is presenting  and these students will be part of her session.

    XIII.    Grade Level Items



    XIV.    Next Meeting: Monday, November 20, 2017 @ 3:45

    (please submit any agenda items by 4:00pm  Wednesday November 15, 2017)


    Meeting adjourned at 4:31.


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