Learn From Your Mistakes

How to do Test Corrections

  • Purpose

    Test Corrections are a time for you to think about your thinking:  What went wrong on the original test?  Why did I get the answer wrong?  How do I know that my new answer is the correct answer?


    Test Correction Guidelines

    Tests are meant to assess student knowledge on an important topic or unit.  Test are given less often but are a valuable tool to measure mastery of a given topic after it has been taught by your teacher.  To ensure mastery of material all students will be allowed to submit Test Corrections.  Students will have the opportunity to look back over, correct, and resubmit incorrect questions on the test.  This is only for graded tests.  Corrected assignments can earn 3/4 credit back.  For example, a test score of 70% (70/100), if corrected, would become 94% (93/100).  


    The below are guidelines that must be followed to receive credit on resubmitted test.  Students will ONLY receive credit if Test Correction Guidelines are followed and the resubmitted answers are CORRECT. All information will be found in the student’s notes.   You will have one week to complete test corrections.  The week begins on the day that your graded test is handed back to you.  Test Corrections will not be accepted late.


    Test Correction Guidelines (All steps must be followed to receive credit.)

    • Step 1:    You will need to write on notebook paper. Your questions and answers must be legible to the teacher to receive credit.
    • Step 2:    Place name, date, block, and test name on the title line of your notebook paper
    • Step 3:    Write the question number of the question you originally got wrong.
    • Step 4:    Write the correct answer to the question.  
    • Step 5:    Write the reason that you got the answer wrong.  What went wrong in your thinking?  This must be written in complete sentence(s).
    • Step 6:    Write how you know that the answer is now correct.  Where did you find the information?  Include the handout name or classwork notes title of where you found the correct answer.   This must be written in complete sentence(s).
    • Step 7:    Repeat steps 3-6 for each question you originally got wrong.



    Original Test Question

    __D__1.  Mesopotamia means______.

    1. a civilization C.  land between two rivers
    2. a leader D.  a country

    Test Correction

    1.(step 3- the original question number)   C. (step 4- correct answer)

    I forgot the meaning of Mesopotamia because I forgot to study my vocabulary. (step 5 – what went wrong in your thinking.)

    I went back to my vocabulary page and saw the Mesopotamia meant "land between two rivers". (step 7- how you know you are right and where you found the information)