English 1 Honors

  • English I Honors Course Credit: 1 Unit Course Description: This honors course is designed to challenge students and prepare them for a postsecondary experience. It concentrates on developing reading, writing, and critical thinking skills through an intensive survey of literary types via appropriate oral and written responses. The course provides a review of grammar, mechanics, vocabulary, and usage as needed. This course focuses on the development of complex thought processes, independence in learning, and creative expression through discussion and frequent writing assignments. Homework is a reinforcement and extension of classroom instruction.

    Here is a copy of the parent letter that was sent home the first day of school:  Fall 2019 Letter and Grading Scale
    The grading scale is as follows:

    35%  - Classwork (vocab.com, grammar, any other classwork or homework)

    25% - Tests (tests & projects)
    15% - Quizzes
    25% - Performance Tasks (writing)


    Students are enrolled in Google Classroom for this course and should check it when absent to see what activities they missed.  It will be updated daily.  If we are out for inclement weather, they should check to see if there is an assignment that is due when we return to school.