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How Will the Arts Help My Kid?

  • In June of 2014, ABSS developed a 5-year Strategic Plan in conjunction with community stakeholders.  Each elementary school was asked to select a specialized program based on student needs, student surveys to determine interests after exposing them to options and opportunities, parental and community input, examine the impact of specialized programs on core academics, and ultimately select the best program to meet the needs and interests of students.  After a two-year-long process during the 16-17 and 17-18 school years, Garrett overwhelmingly voted to become an A+ Arts School as we begin the 18-19 School Year!


    So, what does this mean for Garrett Gators?  While it is important to study the arts as well as other subjects for their intrinsic value, the arts also promote skills seen as critical in school, career, and life success.  According to arts and leadership educator, Lisa Phillips, here are 10 skills that our Gators will sharpen as A+ Arts Students: CREATIVITY, CONFIDENCE, PROBLEM SOLVING, PERSEVERANCE, FOCUS, NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION, RECEIVING CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK, COLLABORATION, DEDICATION, and ACCOUNTABILITY.


    If you would like to read more about how each skill is developed, please select the link below.