Intelligence Wheel
  • With Garrett being both a Kagan and A+ Arts School, we believe that a child's IQ simply can't be defined by a single number.  We subscribe to Dr. Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligence in which students can demonstrate varying degrees of ability and "smarts" across 8 arenas: VERBAL-LINGUISTIC, LOGICAL-MATHEMATICAL, MUSICAL RHYTHMIC, NATURALIST, INTRAPERSONAL, VISUAL SPATIAL, INTERPERSONAL, AND BODILY-KINESTHETIC.  We have Gators that rock these "smarts" ALL DAY, EVERY DAY!!


    Often kids think that someone is either smart and not smart and usually those conclusions are based solely on math and/or reading ability levels.  Our hope at Garrett is to instill a growth mindset in which, in addition to the students who shine in math and language arts, we recognize that we have students who excel musically, physically, artistically, etc.  We strive for all Gators to see how they are "smart" and to focus on improving in all intelligences - the ones in which we feel "smart" and the ones we feel "not so smart."