Interior Design I  prepares students for entry-level and technical work opportunities in interior design fields. Emphasis is placed on the interior design process; human, environmental and behavioral factors; color theory; elements and principles of design; hand sketching/digital design techniques; space planning; selection of products and materials for residential interiors; client relationship building; and design communication techniques It is our goal that students gain skills that will prepare them to make sound decisions when choosing post-secondary training or an entry-level career in the field of housing, construction, or interiors.

    A large portion of this course will operate out of Canvas. Become familiar with the procedures for submitting work and be diligent to check in often for assignments and announcements. 

    Fall 2020
     Supplies Needed:                                                                         

     1 Spiral Bound Sketchbook(11x14; Drawing Weight/50 pgs)                                       SketchBook

     2 Black Ultra-Fine Point SHARPIES                                                     

     A  3-ring binder: 1                                                                             

     1 Box of 24 colored pencils-(Walmart/Cra-Z-Art is my favorite)                                                                 

     1  set of 5-tab dividers                                                                

    3 x 5 index cards (Walmart/ .97/100count) 


     Rubber Cement (8 0z size)