• Compare the structures of the Earth's surface using models or three-dimensional diagrams.
    Compare Earth's land features (including volcanoes, mountains, valleys, canyons, caverns, and islands) by using models, pictures, diagrams, and maps.
    Compare Earth's saltwater and freshwater features (including oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, ponds, streams, and glaciers).
    Use a variety of technology tools to gather data and information (e.g., Web-based resources, e-books, online communication tools, etc.).
    Use technology tools and skills to reinforce classroom concepts and activities.

    I can use Google maps to explore different maps.

    I can use a 3D modeling tool to create 3D models that I can print on the 3D printer.

    I can describe the different landforms.

    I can create a landform using the 3D printer.



    Tinkercad Youtube tutorial


    What a valley looks like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujIvq7BEAsQ&feature=youtu.be

    What a mountain looks like:


    Definition for mountain: